Our analysis includes audio and musical dynamics information, genre classification, tempo and rhythmic charting, and other cutting edge digital audio tooling.

We take the time to perform this analysis up-front for several reasons:

1. Musical Cohesion

Our success is predicated on understanding you.

Mastering a music release is about a lot more than simply processing a collection of individual tracks. works to balance the sonic needs of your digital audio with your overall artistic aims. This is why we only begin work on your album’s first track after we’ve listened to your whole album.

2. Requirements Gathering

Applying what we’ve learned about you.

Unlike many mastering facilities, we make an effort to understand the music project’s overall goals, and then ensure we meet scientifically-verifiable metrics informed by those goals.


For instance, if we know your project will include a 33RPM 12-inch vinyl release, our software produces a report which shows the per-side track order, as well as any special audio considerations for specific tracks within the vinyl masters. Tracks at the end of the vinyl side will be processed to reduce sibilance if necessary. In addition, bass roll-off and filtering of sub-bass frequencies will be introduced to match the rotation speed of the record.

3. Sonic AI

When we get new work, all of our clients benefit.

We leverage a first-of-its-kind audio engineering neural network, comprised of the past ten years of analyses and masters performed by us.

Each analysis we perform adds crucial information to our datasets, leading us to insights about not just the current project, but also revealing new truths about past projects. Whenever these truths are revealed, we will update any masters with new, more optimized audio.