Stage 1 Master

Our audio processing work begins with the Stage 1 or Mezzanine masters. These master files are not track-separated, allowing us to concentrate fully on the sonic properties of the audio masters before we dive into the weeds of track separation, dithering, metadata, and other distribution concerns.

We do this first step in order to streamline our communications and workflow. By validating the sonic properties of the master up-front, we get the hardest and most time-consuming task out of the way as early as possible, in order to provide ample time to work out any grainy details well within the project’s deadline.

Optimized Derivations

Another benefit to our unique mastering approach is that from a single audio master asset, we can easily generate masters optimized for specific digital streaming platforms, physical release standards (CD-DA aka Redbook, 33 or 45 RPM vinyl, cassette, DVD, Bluray), etc.