Stage 2 Masters

Once our Stage 1 mastering process has been completed and signed off by the client, our software automatically derives masters specifically designed to meet the specifications of each planned distribution endpoint:

Mastered for Digital

To ensure compliance with digital streaming endpoints, all of our digital stream masters are output to EBU R128 specifications. This means we target a -60 LUFS noise threshold, do not let true peaks exceed -2dBTP, and maintain deviances that do not exceed ±0.5 LU.

Platform Loudness True Peak
Amazon -12dB LUFS -2dBTP
Apple -16dB LUFS -1dBTP
Deezer -14dB LUFS -1dBTP
SoundCloud -8dB LUFS -1dBTP
Spotify -14dB LUFS -2dBTP
YouTube -14dB LUFS -1dBTP

Physical Masters

We also provide medium-optimized masters for the following playback formats:

  • Vinyl (33 & 45 RPM - yes, we do separate masters for each rotation speed!)
  • Cassette
  • CD-DA (Redbook CD)
  • DVD (Dolby 5.1 / DTS)
  • Bluray (Dolby ATMOS / 7.1 / 5.1 / DTS)


Ask us about:

  • Binaural headphone mixes / masters
  • Ambisonic mixing & mastering up to 3rd order (16 channel + optional stereo head-locked)
  • Mixes and masters for film & TV
  • Mono mix-downs for podcasting & radio